Come find out who has the BEST ASS in the BLUE GRASS - 12 weeks of Contests - 1 grand finale - $3000 Dollars

All winners will be posted the week of their winning.

2014 Best Ass in The Bluegrass Contest
 Contest Begins: Jan 6th
                  Ends: April 7th
 **Contestants have 2 weeks to promote. Finals will be on April 21st . Contestants can pick up their tickets on the last normal Best Ass Contest day which is April 7th at Midnight.**

Weekly Winner receives:

1st place- $150 plus (Gift Pack)
2nd Place- $75 plus (Gift Pack)
3rd Place- $25  plus (Gift Pack)

Winner of the weekly contest will come back and compete on April 21st for the following:

1st  place- $3000 Cash
2nd Place- $600 Cash
3rd Place- $300 Cash
Note- If the winner is unable to compete in the finals; the runner up for her week, will take her place.
(Gift Pack)-
4 Admit One Passes
$100 gift Cert. towards a bottle of Jager, Fireball, or Absolut.
2 Complimentary Appetizers
Drink specials that night are: $4.25 Sex on the Beach & Fireball shots from 8-midnight
                                               $5.25 Jager & Cherry Bombs from 8-midnight